Dehydrated Orange Slices | Winter Citrus All Year Around

These sweet and wonderfully scented dehydrated orange segments are a fantastic way of savouring this lovely fruit all year round.

This brightly coloured edible fruit from Dark City Foundry is the perfect orange cocktail garnish. Add a slice to our Aperol and Coffee Cocktail or to your next mulled wine.

Made from Australia grown navel oranges, our dehydrated fruit will add a pop of radiant colour to your next drink.

How to use your dehydrated oranges:

  • Perfect as a coffee cocktail garnish
  • Delicious to add to our cold drip coffee
  • A pretty garnish for cakes and cupcakes
  • Why not add it to a beef marinade
  • Try crushing some up in a mortar and pestle and adding to your next homemade soap. Adds a delightful scent and a bonus exfoliant!
  • Try our chocolate coffee orange protein balls, a very satisfying snack
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