Dehydrated Ruby Grapefruit Slices | Sweet and Striking

These dehydrated ruby grapefruit slices from Dark City Foundry are a delightful combination of striking colour and sweet flavour.

Made using Australian ruby grapefruits, these gorgeous edible fruits are not only a great addition to your next cocktail but also work wonderfully well with cold drip coffee, adding a touch of fragrant flavour.

But don’t stop there! A pretty garnish to cupcakes, a beautiful ornament to your homemade candles or sprinkle some ground ruby grapefruit on top of your ice cream for that extra boost of flavour.

How to use your dehydrated Ruby Grapefruit:

  • A fun cocktail garnish and very eye catching in a fruit punch
  • A lovely edible addition to your next mocktail, try it in our Grapefruit Coffee Mocktail
  • A pretty garnish for cakes and cupcakes
  • Add to your water bottle when you’re on the go. Adding a slice of our dehydrated ruby grapefruit wheel will give your water so much flavour
  • A great scented addition to your homemade coffee scrub, just crush in a mortar and pestle
  • Ice cream never looked or tasted this good with some ground dehydrated ruby grapefruit sprinkled on top

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