Cascara Tea (Coffee Cherry Tea) | 6 x 330ml Bottle

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Cascara (which means ‘skin’ in Spanish) is the dried husk of the coffee cherry, the fruit that coffee bean grows in. Once the coffee bean is removed after harvesting the outer husk is typically discarded. However, it can be dried and used to make a delicious cascara tea.

We cold drip our cascara tea for 14 hours and the result is a low sugar and low caffeine iced tea that has a beautiful naturally sweet, slightly fruity flavour (and tastes nothing like coffee!)

Our 330ml bottles are ready to drink just like an iced tea. Lovely and refreshing.

A small batch, freshly brewed, preservative free drink. 

Ingredients: filtered water and cascara (coffee cherry).

Why we love cold drip cascara tea!

  • Lovely natural sweetness with a light fruity flavour
  • Low in both sugar and caffeine
  • Ready to drink
  • 14-hour cold drip process to extract those wonderful delicate flavours
  • Preservative free, suitable for vegans
  • Melbourne made

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