Cold Drip Coffee, Chocolate and Ginger Beer Mocktail Box

A fabulous, curated ginger beer mocktail box with all your needs for that next movie night.

Gift boxes will begin shipping Monday 16 August!

What's included in your box:

  • 1 x 500ml bottle of our delicious and smooth cold drip coffee
  • 2 x bottles of Strangelove ginger ale, a perfect mocktail addition to our coffee
  • 1 x delicious pack of dark chocolate with ginger and dates from Coco Chocolate, a Sydney based chocolatier
  • 1 x dark chocolate organic ginger box from Organic Times, a Melbourne based treats producer
  • 15-piece dehydrated oranges pack to make your mocktails extra fancy
  • Ginger beer and cold drip coffee recipe card included, and you're all set!

With complementary free shipping, this limited edition mocktail box is only an order away.

Box curated in conjunction with The Dessert Plate.

About our cold drip coffee

Pure cold water, slowly percolated through a column of Arabica coffee grounds over 10 hours, draws out the flavour of the coffee but leaves behind the bitterness.

We hand built our cold drip system to provide precisely controlled extraction for the smoothest flavour.

Our cold drip coffee is extracted at 2 degrees using a truly cold process and triple filtered to produce a crisp clean coffee without any bitterness or acidity.

With a long shelf life when refrigerated and two weeks once opened, our coffee is ideal to keep in the fridge ready to use whenever you need a delicious hit of coffee.

With 10 shots of coffee brewed and ready to go, it's excellent value. Each 50ml serve contains the equivalent of an espresso shot's worth of caffeine and flavours including caramel, dark chocolate and almonds.

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