Dehydrated Fruit Powders


Not every piece of fruit we dehydrate makes it into our packaged dehydrated fruit slices. Some are, well, not quite right. Maybe they dehydrated in a funny shape or just don’t live up to our high standards.

So, we’ve introduced our dehydrated fruit powders.

We grind our dehydrated fruit slices into a powder and bottle them for your convenience. 100% natural and preservative free Australian fruit.

Zesty and fresh, this range of blood orange, lime and orange fruit powders have a lovely depth of flavour - plus they smell amazing.

What can you do with this delightful selection? Get ready, it’s a long list!


How to use our dehydrated fruit powders:

- Top vanilla ice cream for a burst of extra flavour
- An extra zingy dry rub addition for your BBQ
- Add to sparkling water for a surge of fruity flavour
- Mix with sugar and use on the rim of your cocktail glass or with mocktails to make them extra special
- Sprinkle on top of your porridge
- Mix with yogurt and top with crushed nuts
- Add to your pancake or crepe batter for extra flavour
- Add to your homemade muesli for a delectable flavour kick
- Intensify the flavour of your stewed fruit
- Try our coffee choc protein ball recipe with a delicious tangy fruit flavour twist

🍋100% natural and preservative free
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🍊Ingredients – dehydrated Australian fruit

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