Dark City Foundry

About Us

I’ve always loved good coffee; the smell in the morning, the taste of that first sip, it’s a very relaxing start to my day.

Turn back the clock 9 years and I found out that I was intolerant to both dairy and soy. It wasn’t like I was having a glass of milk every day, but the small amount I put in my coffee and had with my cereal was enough to make me sick.

I stopped using both and instantly started to feel so much better, like 100% better. I never knew waking up in the morning and not feeling queasy could be a reality!

The only problem was coffee. At that time the only non-milk options out there were long blacks or espressos. Wow, without sugar a long black can be super bitter – the day I added 3 teaspoons of sugar to my coffee and it was still bitter, well that was enough to make me stop buying coffee.

Christmas came that year and I got a cold drip coffee maker as a gift (thanks Gavin!) and that’s how the Dark City Foundry story started. I started making my own coffee, shared it with friends and then decided to start the business in January 2018. 😊

The cold drip process (ours is made at 7 degrees over 10 hours) draws out fewer bitter and acidic compounds from the coffee bean. This gives cold drip coffee a lighter, more floral flavour and minimises bitterness.

My name’s Anita, and I’m proud to be the founder of Dark City Foundry: makers of excellent cold drip coffee, thoroughly tested (by me!) over many years I’m very pleased to be able to share my coffee with you.