Hi, I’m Anita. I started Dark City Foundry in 2018 to create delicious cold drip coffee and show everyone that black coffee can be delicious and smooth, as well as being healthier for you!

Along with my partner, Gavin, we’ve been making cold drip coffee for ourselves for almost 10 years. I found that I was intolerant to both dairy and soy milk which made it hard to get a decent coffee, with many long blacks being far too bitter. We discovered cold drip as a method of brewing a wonderful black coffee without the bitterness or acidity, and never looked back.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about how to achieve the flavours we like in a cold drip, and since we’ve developed and built our commercial cold brew system by hand, there’s nothing else quite like it.

We’re positive and passionate about our products, and we stand behind every batch we brew. Quality and consistency are essential for us, and we pride ourselves on the brewing process that we’ve developed. Never ones to stand still, we’re always tinkering and experimenting with our process and products to make sure that we’re doing the very best we can.

We think that our cold drip is a wonderful smooth, clean, and flavoursome brew. We’re sure you’ll agree!

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