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What is Cold Drip Coffee?

Our small batch coffee is cold dripped over 10 hours in our purpose-built brewing system. Using just filtered water and coffee this produces a rich, enjoyable brew that leaves you wanting more! Our range includes:

Delicious Bottled Cold Drip Coffee:Great straight up and equally fantastic used as a mixer in iced coffees, martinis or heated up as a long black.

Refreshing Cold Brew Sparkling Coffee Cans: Velvety-smooth sparkling coffee with a sprinkling of natural sweetness and a dash of delicate caramel or zesty-fresh yuzu.

Smooth, irresistible award-winning coffee brewed with zero bitterness. Vegan, gluten free and expertly crafted. Made with joy in Melbourne.

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What is Cold Drip Coffee?

In this video Anita Brodian, founder of Dark City Foundry, explains what Cold Drip Coffee is and the benefits.

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