Dark City Foundry

Cold drip coffee bottle in the sea


Rich coffee flavour without the bitterness. Proudly brewed in Melbourne.

How we make Cold Drip Coffee


We start with a carefully selected blend of South American coffee that delivers a rich, flavoursome brew without too much fruitiness or acidity. We selected this blend to complement the hand-made cold drip system that we use to brew all of our coffee.


Over a ten hour period we slowly add pure, chilled water. The continuous flow of fresh water extracts the delicate flavours of the coffee but leaves the bitter compounds behind. The gentle extraction process makes a remarkly stable brew which will keep for 6 to 8 weeks in your fridge once you receive it, and up to 2 weeks once opened.


We finish by carefully filtering the extracted coffee. Our triple filtering process helps give our product its clean, distinct flavour. It's bottled and refrigerated ready for you to drink, hot or cold.