Cold Drip Coffee

Our bottled cold drip coffee is brewed over 10 hours at 2-3 degrees. At this temperature, the bitter and acidic compounds generally found in coffee beans are not extracted. ​​​​​

The result is a delicious easy to drink black coffee that you don't need to add milk or sugar to mask the bitterness – as there is none to mask.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cold drip coffee is a slow cold process compared to the quick hot process of an espresso. The same coffee bean will result in a completely different flavour when brewed hot or cold.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

With our coffee think a mouth-watering combination of dark chocolate, caramel and almonds.​​​​​​​​

Our regular coffee is a blend of Brazilian and Columbian beans and is sourced from a local Melbourne roaster.

The decaf beans we use are a single origin Ethiopian and we source it from another local Melbourne roaster.

Freshly ground coffee beans and filtered water are the only ingredients. We don’t add sugar or preservatives to our coffee.

A standard serve of our bottled coffee is 50ml. When compared to the caffeine in a standard 30ml shot of espresso – they’re about the same.

So, if you usually have a double shot latte, then 100ml of our coffee would give you a similar hit of caffeine.

Our coffee is brewed fresh and does need to be refrigerated for optimum shelf life.

All orders are sent with an ice pack to keep the coffee cool during transit, and we recommend placing your bottles in the fridge as soon as you receive them.

All bottles come with a best before date and will keep for quite a while in the fridge. However, once you open a bottle, we suggest that it's best consumed within 2 weeks.

While they both have the word ‘cold’ in their name, cold drip
and cold brew are two totally different brewing processes (a little like how pour-over and French press are very different processes). Even if you used the same coffee beans, each will deliver a very different result.

With Cold drip coffee, chilled filtered water is slowly
added to freshly ground coffee over many hours. The water is absorbed by the coffee grounds until they’re saturated, and the extracted coffee begins to drip into a collection vessel. With the cold drip process the coffee grounds are never soaking in their own infusion (an important differentiation with cold brew coffee), instead fresh water flows slowly but continuously through.

Cold drip is a very technical process requiring precise control of water distribution, flow rates and temperature for the best results.

Cold brew coffee is made by immersing ground coffee in water for 12-24 hours. Where the cold drip process continuously introduces fresh water, with the cold brew process the coffee is brewed in its own extract. The flavour profile will end up typically more fruity than cold drip and the colour will likely be lighter.

We are not going to say if you drink our coffee, you’ll magically grow wings!

However, many people who are looking to reduce their dairy
and sugar find drinking cold drip coffee a great solution.

Because we don’t extract those bitter and acidic compounds,
not only do you get a delicious smooth coffee, but you also don’t need to add milk or sugar to mask those bitter flavours you can find in a long black or espresso. Plus, it’s way healthier to make your own iced coffee using cold drip coffee than resorting to those sugar ladened supermarket ones!

Check out the Recipes section of our website with heaps of ideas from black coffee, iced coffee, Vietnamese coffee plus some hot coffee and cocktail options as well.

Yes, we also have a delicious decaf option with all the flavour but none of the caffeine.

Perfect if you want to cut down on caffeine, you’re pregnant or you want a coffee cocktail at night and still want a great night’s sleep.⠀⠀

Think flavours of chocolate and citrus with a creamy finish.⠀⠀⠀⠀

Check out our decaf coffee here.

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