Cold Drip Coffee

Cold drip coffee is produced by slowly percolating chilled filtered water through freshly ground coffee over many hours.

With the cold drip process the coffee grounds are never soaking in their own infusion (an important differentiation with cold brew coffee), instead fresh water flows slowly but continuously through.

As heat is not used at any part in the process, cold drip can successfully extract a sweeter flavour from the coffee bean. It can highlight the deepest of chocolates, caramels and spices or the lightest fruit with a texture unlike any other brewing method.

It’s thought that a version of cold drip coffee originated with Dutch sailors in the 17th century!

Just pure filtered water and ground coffee, it’s that simple. We don’t add anything else to our brew.

For the best shelf life keep it refrigerated, this way it's also ready to drink whenever you want. It will keep fine for a few days without refrigeration, so it's perfect if you want to take it biking, camping or travelling.

Our coffee will keep for quite a while in the fridge. However, once you open the bottle, we suggest that it's best to consume within 2 weeks.  All bottles will list a best before date.

Our coffee comes from local Melbourne coffee roaster and is a blend of Brazilian and Columbian beans.

It exhibits sweet smooth caramel flavours, underpinned with a with a hint of chocolate and almond.

Before we launched Dark City Foundry we tried many different coffees from many regions. We found this blend works best with our process.

We are not going to say if you drink our coffee you will magically have wings and guaranteed to hit that PB.

However, many people looking to reduce their dairy and sugar intake find switching from lattes to long blacks too difficult as long blacks can be quite bitter.

Cold drip coffee is perfect as the brewing process doesn’t extract those bitter and acidic compounds which means not only do you get a delicious smooth coffee, but you also don’t need to add milk or sugar to mask the bitter flavours. So, in this way cold drip coffee is healthier compared to other sugar laden coffees.

While they both have the word ‘cold’ in their name, cold drip and cold brew are two totally different brewing processes (a little like how pour-over and French press are very different processes). Even if you used the same coffee beans each will deliver a very different end result.

With the cold drip process chilled filtered water is slowly added to freshly ground coffee over many hours. The water is absorbed by the grounds until they’re saturates and the extracted coffee begins to drip into a collection vessel. With the cold drip process the coffee grounds are never soaking in their own infusion (an important differentiation with cold brew coffee), instead fresh water flows slowly but continuously through.

Cold drip is a very technical process requiring precise control of water distribution, flow rates and temperature for the best results.

Cold brew coffee is made by immersing ground coffee in water for 12-24 hours. Where cold drip coffee continuously introduces fresh water, in the cold brew process the coffee is brewed in its own extract. The flavour profile will end up typically more fruity than cold drip and the colour will likely be lighter.

It’s delicious straight up black and cold, or you can add milk, or even heat it up and use it like you’d use a shot or two of espresso.

We have some great ideas on how to best use cold drip coffee on our Recipes pageand you can also download a free eBook with lots of recipes here.

Absolutely! We offer a subscription service so you’ll never run out of cold drip coffee again.

When you sign up you get 10% off your subscription orders, and you can choose to have your coffee delivered every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. You can also pause your deliveries at any time, perfect if you’re going away on holiday.

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We brew our cold drip coffee overnight while the city is dark and sleeping, which is where Dark City came from.
A Foundry was historically a place where metal was forged to create metal products, but these days the word is applied to many places that create things. We thought that the word Foundry embodied the idea of the physical labour that's involved in all the steps from growing the coffee plant through to finally creating our finished product.
So Dark City Foundry is about a place where our products are formed while it's dark outside and the city sleeps.

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