Cold Drip Coffee | 500ml bottle

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Need one or two coffees to get going in the morning? Well, each bottle of Dark City Foundry coffee has 10 tasty and smooth serves of caffeinated goodness that will get you up out of bed and at the gym in no time.

Our bottled coffee is perfect to keep in the office fridge and even better you’ll have great coffee all through the week.

And because there is zero bitterness in our cold drip coffee, you can comfortably drink it black. No need to add milk and sugar to hide those nasty bitter flavours you sometimes get with other black coffees.

A bottle of mouth-watering coffee that keeps giving!

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 Why this is the best cold drip coffee:

  • Smooth delicious flavour
  • No bitterness or acidity
  • No sugar or preservatives
  • Flavour profile: caramel, dark chocolate and almonds
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 10-hour true cold drip process
  • Melbourne made
  • Perfect for espresso martinis and any coffee cocktail or mocktail
  • Each 500ml bottle contains 10 serves of our delicious, flavoursome cold drip coffee
  • Ingredients: filtered water and freshly ground Arabica coffee.


Features & Benefits: 

Smooth Taste

Our cold drip coffee is extracted at 2 degrees using a truly cold process and triple filtered to produce a crisp clean coffee without bitterness or acidity.

Convenient and Portable

With a long shelf life when refrigerated and two weeks once opened, our coffee is ideal to keep in the fridge ready to use whenever you need a delicious hit of coffee.

It’s also perfect to take anywhere including the gym, office, cycling, camping and day trips.

Great Value

Each 50ml serve contains the equivalent of an expresso shot’s worth of caffeine and loads of flavour.

Flavour Profile

We carefully selected our beans and roast to complement our cold drip process and our coffee delivers a wonderful mix of caramel, dark chocolate and almonds.

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