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Cold Brew Sparkling Coffee with a hint of Caramel


Pack Size: 4 Pack

Tasty velvety coffee with a dash of caramel

This 250ml can of sparkling coffee with a hint of caramel is for those who dazzle and shine.

Sure, you might have started the day dangerously disgruntled or morphed into an all-round grump by the afternoon slump.

One can of this refreshingly sparkling cold-brewed coffee clears the cranky craving.

A caffeine hard-hitter without the jitter.

Get your workout worked out.

Boring bitter coffee is for coffee slobs and coffee snobs.

This one’s for those looking for deeply-meaningful moments of pure-coffee-infused-happiness. Restoring you to the beautiful person you are and the one we adore.

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6 Reasons to love it:

  • Tasty and convenient
  • Made with 100% ethically sourced Arabica premium coffee beans.
  • Vegan and gluten free – this is a milk free zone!
  • 150mg natural caffeine in every 250ml can
  • Low in sugar with only 19 calories per can
  • Made with joy in Melbourne

Available in 4 and 12 can packs.

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Our Coffee Tastes like:

Velvety-smooth sparkling coffee with a sprinkling of natural sweetness and a dash of delicate classic caramel.

Absolutely no bitter acidic taste – during or after sipping. Fresh, great flavours all the way to the last mouthful. 

Smells like:

Sensual uncompromising coffee aroma, with a touch of classic caramel. Getting you ready for peak performance. 

Perfect for:

Coffee lovers who drink for pleasure and like it brewed loooong and slow. Losing the bitterness. Lifting the deliciousness. Ooo-la-la.

Always a good idea to keep one at home, one in your day bag and one in your office drawer. 

How we make it:

Our coffee is cold dripped over 10 hours, then we add carbonated purified water with a smidge of coconut nectar and caramel.

What we’re about: 

We love coffee… we love it so much we started Dark City Foundry so we could spend all day every day sipping coffee and call it work.

Our number one focus is getting great taste with real coffee and perfecting fab flavours. That’s exactly what you get.

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