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Cold Brew Sparkling Coffee infused with Yuzu


Pack Size: 4 Pack

Sensational coffee with a hint of zingy yuzu

A super-sensational, zesty-fresh, knock-your-socks-off sparkling coffee with a twist of yuzu.

This 250ml can is the perfect natural punchy-tasting thirst-quencher to awaken your senses. 100% coffee, sparkling water and Yuzu (y’know, that lumpy-looking lemon-lime-mandarin-grapefruit citrus-fruit).

The Yuzu fruit might be a bit puzzled about who they are with their multiple personalities

But the truth is… we’re all the same. Lots of us are a little unsure of who we are:

Before coffee: Ditzy-feather-headed-bedraggled-moody-monsters.

After coffee: Strutting our self-lovin’-stuff as cheer-leading champions.

We love you for it. Enjoy this yuzu infused coffee.

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6 Reasons to love it:

  • Tasty and convenient
  • Made with 100% ethically sourced Arabica premium coffee beans.
  • Vegan and gluten free – this is a milk free zone!
  • 150mg natural caffeine in every 250ml can
  • Low in sugar with only 19 calories per can
  • Made with joy in Melbourne

Available in 4 and 12 can packs.

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Our Coffee Tastes like:

Bright, clean sparkling coffee with a zesty, zingy, tangy fruit twist. Absolutely no bitterness – during or after sipping. Fresh, great flavours all the way to the last mouthful.

Smells like:

Wake up and smell the coffee with a hint of luscious citrus. Feel alert, awake and more alive.

Perfect for:

Curious coffee loving citrus fans keen on exploring who they really are… and sneakily love a little caffeine too.

Always a good idea to keep one in your glovebox, one in your gym bag and one in your tradie toolbox.

How we make it:

Our coffee is cold dripped over 10 hours, then we add carbonated purified water with a smidge of coconut nectar and yuzu.

What we’re about: 

We love coffee… we love it so much we started Dark City Foundry so we could spend all day every day sipping coffee and call it work.

Our number one focus is getting great taste with real coffee and perfecting fab flavours. That’s exactly what you get.

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