Cold Drip Coffee | 12 x 100ml Bottles

Dark City Foundry have perfected the art of cold drip coffee. We take filtered cold water and slowly percolate it through a column of coffee grounds over 10 hours at 7 degrees. Nothing else is added!

The cold drip process extracts fewer acidic and bitter compounds from the coffee bean. The result is a lighter, less bitter flavour with more floral notes.

The coffee will keep for up to 8 weeks in the fridge. However, once you open the bottle, we suggest that it's best to consume within 2 weeks.  All bottles will list a best before date.

Each 100ml bottle contains 2 serves of our delicious, smooth cold drip coffee. All the flavour but without the bitterness or acidity.

The 100ml bottles are perfect for taking with you to the gym, on the bike, camping or even to the office (no more having to use the office coffee machine!)

Ingredients: filtered water and ground coffee.


Why we love it!

  • Smooth flavour, no bitterness and no need to add milk and sugar to mask bitter flavour (as there are none!)
  • No added sugar
  • No added preservatives
  • Just two ingredients – ground coffee and filtered water
  • 10-hour cold drip process
  • 8-week shelf life
  • Flavour profile: caramel, chocolate and almonds
  • Perfect for espresso martinis
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Proudly made in Melbourne



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