5 Reasons to Get Cold Drip Coffee in Your Life

5 Reasons to Get Cold Drip Coffee in Your Life

1. No Bitterness

Ever tasted a long black and instantly thought you needed to add a whole heap of sugar and milk to mask the bitter taste? One of the many amazing things about cold drip coffee is the lack of bitterness and acidity.

Our cold drip coffee is extracted at 7 degrees using a truly cold process. At this temperature, the compounds that can make hot brews taste bitter and acidic are not extracted, resulting in a smooth clean coffee.

Without the bitterness cold drip coffee can also be better for you. You’ll find that you don’t need to add milk or sugar to mask the bitterness, and the lower acidity is gentler on your stomach.

2. Convenience

Remember those bitter and acidic compounds we spoke about above? Well, they’re also what makes hot coffee oxidise if you store it in the fridge for those weekend cocktails. Since they’re not extracted in the cold drip process our coffee will keep in the fridge for 6-8 weeks, and 2 weeks once you open the bottle.

This is perfect as your coffee (and espresso martinis!) are always ready to go, especially those mornings when all you want to do is sneak out of the house for a run without waking everyone up using the noisy coffee machine!

3. Portable

Our 100ml bottles are perfect to take with you on your day's journey for that smooth caffeine hit on the go. Each bottle contains the equivalent of two shots worth of caffeine.

Use them at the office, cycling, camping, day trips, even on a plane (when we could still travel freely, we took 3 x 100ml bottles on the plane to Bali so we could have some good coffee on the trip!)

Tip: buy an additional 500ml bottle and you can refill your 100ml bottles. It’s convenient and saves money at the same time!

4. Affordable

With 10 shots in every 500ml bottle it's also excellent value. Each 50ml serve contains the equivalent of an espresso shot's worth of caffeine and loads of flavour.

Cold drip is a wonderful way to get a ready-to-go caffeine hit at a great price, so you can celebrate with an extra shot!

5. Taste

Another advantage of not extracting the bitter and acidic compounds from the coffee is that you can better appreciate the flavours of the coffee bean.

That sweet smooth caramel flavour underpinned with a with a hint of dark chocolate and almond is what you will get with Dark City Foundry cold drip coffee. We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different coffee beans and blends to find the one that we feel best compliments the cold drip process.

With cold drip coffee you not only get that nice strong caffeine hint (which to be honest we all want and need in the morning), but you also get to really enjoy and appreciate the flavours of your coffee.

You can purchase your own bottle of our cold drip coffee at ouronline store

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