Why I Choose to Make Cold Drip Coffee

Why I Choose to Make Cold Drip Coffee

Raise your hand if you own a small business and people struggle to understand what you do? 🙋‍♀️

When people ask me what I do for a job I say I own and run a cold drip coffee company and usually I get two different reactions to that answer.

First one is ‘awesome, I love coffee’ and the second one is ‘is that a job?’

Founder of Dark City Foundry Anita Brodian

When I started Dark City Foundry in 2018, I was working as a corporate marketer with many years of experience working with well-known small and large appliances.

But I was bored. Running a marketing department usually means you outsource all the fun stuff as that time is spent in meetings. I wanted to do the fun stuff!

Yes, running a business can be very challenging, I’ve learned so much about what it takes (and all the hours) to run it, the sacrifices of a regular income, lost weekends working but then there’s the benefit of doing something I really enjoy.

To give you an insight into the company, below are some of the brand values we live by every day and also ones that I hold personally as well.

Dark City Foundry cold drip coffee range

Dark City Foundry Brand Values

Positivity – we (Dark City Foundry) pride ourselves on always thinking of things as being glass half full as what would be the fun in life if it were the opposite!   

Passion – we are passionate about great coffee and not having to settle for something because ‘it’s okay’. Yes, coffee gives you that caffeine boost but it’s also an emotive drink – the smell, the taste, that moment of happiness and also those days when you just need an excuse for a social coffee with a friend.

Integrity – we are honest and transparent about what we sell and how we do it. Being a marketer, I strongly believed in not only telling you not only what we claim (no bitter flavours) but why that’s a good thing (no need to add milk or sugar to your coffee to mask the bitter flavours).

Quality – We test every single batch and each bottle we sell meets our criteria for a great cold drip coffee. It has to as we drink a lot of it ourselves!

Curiosity – we have a real drive to explore and learn as much as we can. We do a lot of research and experimentation; we spent over 6 months testing many different decaf beans before we settled on the one we finally chose.

If you have any questions or queries let me know via email ( or send me a DM over on Instagram.

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Blog written by Anita Brodian

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