Why Cold Drip Coffee is Great All Year Round

Why Cold Drip Coffee is Great All Year Round

The weather’s getting colder, but you still drink kombucha daily, have the occasional smoothie and a Saturday night prosecco is a favourite, so why not also drink cold drip coffee?

We quite frequently consume both hot and cold drinks all year around. Think kombucha, kefir, orange juice, yogurt, white wine, martinis and the list goes on. I bet as a child I never said no to an ice cream even on the coldest day of the year, so why as an adult deny myself? So, if you enjoy cold drip coffee, absolutely drink it all year around!

 100ml bottle of cold brew coffee next to a mug of coffee. Flatlay with some coffee beans scattered around the mug

Let’s talk about some reasons why cold drip coffee is a tasty drink to have regardless of the weather outside.

A great benefit is that it’s so versatile and because it keeps for several months in the fridge it’s always ready and available, which is terrific if you’re always running late like me! I fill my reusable cup the night before to save those precious seconds which I use to find my keys (which by the way were already in my bag). 😂

As there is no bitterness or acidity in our cold drip coffee (watch our video of why here) you’ll never have to settle for a substandard bitter coffee where you regret every mouthful – our cold drip tastes amazing when consumed black.

 vegan bulletproof coffee for two next to a 500ml bottle of cold brew coffee

Cold drip coffee can also be heated, and it will be just as smooth as drinking it cold. I make a hot vegan bulletproof coffee every morning, so lovely to sip on while I plan my day. Or alternatively just heat up some cold drip in the microwave or on the stove top and enjoy those beautiful dark chocolate, caramel and almond flavours.

Ever forgotten to drink your latte and it goes cold and, well, it’s kinda gross? With cold drip coffee it tastes delicious at any temperature – I can make a double shot last a whole two-hour meeting and it tastes just as good at the start of the two hours as it does by the end.

So next time you think cold drip coffee is only a summer drink, think of all the reasons above and I’m sure you can come up with heaps more!

Blog written by Anita Brodian

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