5 Fast Facts About Cold Drip Coffee

5 Fast Facts About Cold Drip Coffee

You might have vaguely heard people talk about cold drip coffee and how it’s makes a great coffee, but you don’t know much about it and why it’s different from say a long black or espresso.

Well, here we share 5 fast facts about our cold drip coffee to get you up to speed!

1. Caffeine content
Our cold drip coffee has 150mg of caffeine per 100ml – we’ve had it checked by a lab. Each 50ml serve of our coffee has the same amount of caffeine as a typical shot of espresso but with a much smoother flavour and none of the bitterness.

2. Flavour profile
Do you ever see those coffee cards in a café that tell you the flavour profile of your coffee, but it’s so bitter that you add milk and sugar to hide that bitterness and subsequently don’t get to taste those flavours?

Well, with our caffeinated (and original) coffee you’ll get to taste dark chocolate, caramel and almonds.

Our decaf coffee has a slightly different flavour profile which is chocolate and citrus with a creamy finish.

How amazing to be able to taste all those flavours every time you take a sip!

3. How to store
You should keep our cold drip coffee in the fridge to maintain its freshness, and this way it’s always ready to drink! It’ll be fine outside of a fridge for a few days if you’re travelling, for instance, but generally keep it refrigerated.

It will keep for months in the fridge (if not opened) and all bottles have a best before date on them. Once you open it we recommend drinking it within 2 weeks.

We brew our cold drip in regular batches so you’ll always get the freshest cold drip coffee going around.

4. Serving size
Our suggested serving suggestion is 50ml of coffee, but you could always round that up to 100ml if you usually drink a double shot.

Which is excellent value for money as each 500ml bottle contains 10 serves of coffee.

But beware it’s so tasty you may want to drink the whole bottle in one go (please don’t!) Remember, once you open a bottle of our cold drip coffee you get at least 2 weeks to finish it.

5. How to buy
On our website and we ship Australia wide!

You can buy as many or as few bottles as you like – we don’t make you buy a 6 pack if all you want is 1 bottle. All orders are sent via courier or express post and orders over $50 get free shipping. How good is that!

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