Why we Don't Call Our Coffee a Concentrate

Why we Don’t Call Our Coffee a Concentrate

Plus, how cold drip is different from cold brew

We’re sometimes asked whether our coffee is a ‘concentrate’. To tell you the truth there’s no real guide to what ‘concentrate’ means in terms of cold drip or cold brew coffee (we researched this!) We do feel though this term is very generic and that’s why we don’t call our coffee a concentrate.

cold brew coffee in a mug being held between two hands

On top of this there are many variables that affect how strong, both in terms of flavour and caffeine content, a coffee may be. We use a cold drip process where fresh water is slowly percolating through a column of coffee; the very slow but constant flow of fresh water leads to a rich and full extraction. An alternative method is cold brew, and this is an immersion process, where the coffee grounds are steeped in stationary water that, over time, are saturated with the coffee’s own extracts.

These differences in the brewing process, along with variables like the variety of coffee beans, their grind, temperature, duration of brewing, and so on all affect the final product.

We brew our cold drip coffee so that it contains about the same amount of caffeine by volume as the average espresso (150mg per 100ml, we’ve had it lab tested). It has a lovely strong, rich flavour that tastes great straight up, and works very nicely diluted in soda over ice, as an iced coffee or in a martini, however you prefer.

flatlay image of 100ml bottle of cold brew coffee next to a mug of coffee and scattered coffee beans

We don’t brew our coffee to be so intense as to be undrinkable out of the bottle, neither is it too weak and will retain a lovely flavour if you choose to dilute it. It’s the ideal balance!

So, we’d prefer to stay away from what could be potentially misleading terms and just brew a delicious coffee full of flavour. As a guide, next time you’re looking at buying a cold drip or cold brew coffee check the nutrition panel (ours is on our website) and look at the caffeine content. If it’s not shown then ask as it’s always good to keep track of how much caffeine you’re consuming daily.

For more info about our cold drip coffee click here. We also have a decaf cold drip coffee which you can check out here which our lab tested to be 99.8% caffeine free – best of both worlds if you ask us. 😊

500ml bottle of decaf cold drip coffee next to 500ml bottle of cold brew coffee

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